November 25, 2013

WSJ CEO Council Health Care Recommendations

By John Noseworthy, M.D.

Last week, I participated in the annual meeting of the Wall Street Journal CEO Council, where task forces discussed issues and opportunities in many arenas in the U.S. — health care, energy, capitalism, competitiveness and cyber security. I was pleased to co-chair the health care innovation break-out group joining corporate leaders from across the country to recommend these priorities to successfully advance the future of health care.

  • WSJ Post TweetReform our current pay system, including modernizing Medicare reimbursement and creating a pay-for-value payment system instead of a fee-for service model.
  • Focus on quality, where better outcomes, safety and service are at the core of caring for patients.
  • Adopt team-based care, in which health care providers work together in their organizations and with other institutions to better address preventive care and manage chronic illnesses in the U.S.
  • Engage consumers in their health care decisions, where incentives are created to focus on prevention, and to promote an environment where providers and patients create plans for treating illness and maintaining health.

To read the entire report, click here.

Editor's note: John Noseworthy, M.D., is the president and CEO of Mayo Clinic.

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