December 11, 2013

Individualized Medicine and the Future of Health Care

By William Rupp, M.D.

William Rupp, M.D.Mayo Clinic believes the improvement of health care in our nation is tied closely to the ability to successfully create value, deliver knowledge and fund excellence. Our campus in Florida is playing an active role in this vision. In August, we launched the Individualized Medicine (IM) Clinic. The IM Clinic ushers in a new era in medicine where teams of physicians and scientists leverage exciting new technologies like whole genome sequencing to personalize treatment for patients.

To help Mayo Clinic in Florida take this concept to the next level, Amelia Island, Florida residents and philanthropists Cecilia and Dan Carmichael, donated five million dollars to Mayo Clinic. The Carmichaels learned about Mayo’s work in individualized medicine after Cecilia received treatment for breast cancer at Mayo. Their story was reported on by several media outlets including The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Business Journal, and WJCT public radio in Jacksonville.

All of us at Mayo Clinic are grateful to the Carmichaels for their generosity and support. Gifts like this help to develop better diagnoses, earlier interventions, more efficient drug therapies and customized treatment plans for our patients.

Individualized medicine is showing great results. The IM Clinic team recently leveraged the power of genomics to identify the causative gene mutation for a young man with a very rare and difficult to diagnose form of kidney disease. As seen in this video, the testing of the patient, his father and brother led to the discovery of the gene that caused the mutation.

The breakthrough provides a long sought after answer to what was causing this patient's disease, clues to new treatments that may prevent him from needing a transplant later in life, and direction to guide his wife and him in future family decisions — just one example of how Mayo Clinic is transforming the way we practice and deliver health care.

We also have individualized medicine clinics at our campuses in Minnesota and Arizona.

Editor's note: William Rupp, M.D., is a vice-president of Mayo Clinic.

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