February 4, 2014

Arizona Horizon Interview on the Future of Health Care


Wyatt W. Decker, M.D.Wyatt W. Decker, M.D., vice-president of Mayo Clinic, discusses his impressions of President Obama's State of the Union speech with Ted Simons, host of Arizona Horizon. Dr. Decker comments on how the Affordable Care Act represents insurance reform although it does not address key health care delivery issues such as providing safe and efficient patient care at an affordable cost or creating an integrated health care system rather than our currently fragmented one. He agrees with President Obama's statement on bolstering funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance medical sciences and to innovate for better patient care.

Dr. Decker discusses other issues concerning the future of health care including:

  1. Medicare reimbursement needs to reward quality care rather than volume to provide a sustainable and affordable solution.
  2. Patients should carefully read the fine print before purchasing their health care plan to make sure their preferred health care organizations are in-network.
  3. Mayo Clinic in Arizona continues to collaborate with Arizona State University to provide health care delivery solutions, such as the telemedicine program, to improve patient outcomes throughout the state.

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